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4Strokes.com - Tech: Thumper Starting Procedure

4Strokes.com Tech: Thumper Starting Procedure

(Obviously for four-stroke dirt bikes without the almighty "magic button")

1. If the engine is stone-cold it may help to turn up the idle screw slightly to aid in warm-up and give the engine a little extra fuel.
2. Turn the choke to full on.
3. Pull in the compression release lever, if so equipped, and push the kick-starter through 3 or 4 times.  This will prime the engine with fuel.
4. Without the compression release lever pulled in, slowly push the kick-starter around to get the piston to top dead center.  You'll know this when the kick-starter becomes hard to push down (indicating compression stroke).
5. Allow the kick-starter to return to the top.
6. Pull the compression release lever in and push the kick-starter down just a little (around an inch and a half or two).  This gets the piston just past top dead center.
7. Let the compression release lever back out and bring the kick-starter back up to the top.
8. Now push the kick-starter down with as much force as you can and it should fire up.  If it doesn't, wait a few seconds and try the procedure again.

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